Budapest – Multiparker 730

Cars that had previously been parked above ground had to disappear under it. The Wöhr Multiparker 730 was employed to provide a public, automatically operating subterranean garage located under the square and creating a total of 404 parking spaces.

The system solution spans 5 levels with 5 vertical conveyors.

The first subterranean level is accessed via the entry ramp located in a neighbouring street. This level contains 10 handover points for the parking and returning of vehicles.

The four parking levels are arrayed below this first subterranean level. The horizontal transport within the individual parking levels is provided by two shuttles on each level that run along a common aisle.

Parking spaces are arranged in double rows behind each other and situated left and right of the transport aisle.

The uppermost level is suitable for vehicles of a maximum height of 2,00 m; the three others can cater for vehicles of up to 1,55 m in height.